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I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a pawn shop before, but allow me to tell you how it works. Customers bring in items that they would like to pawn. The business takes possession of said items for an agreed upon amount, for a set period. Haggling is almost expected in these transactions. The premise behind XXX Pawn is that beautiful women find themselves in a tough spot and need some fast cash. They bring their valuables into the shop and the guys working decide they’d rather get a little action for the cold hard cash these beautiful babes are desperately in need of.

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Girls with Daddy Issues

Several months ago, some really crazy shit went down at the house across from mine. They foster kids over there. I mean, a constant revolving door of mostly teens. I know at least two kids are permanent, they might be their bio kids or maybe adopted, I’m not sure.

Anyway, one day there was some crazy fighting going on, stuff was being thrown out doors and then I saw a girl look like she was about to set the place on fire, but some of the other kids got her to calm down. Then the police showed up.

Gossip says that one of the girls who had left a few months earlier, after turning 18, had started coming back around and visiting with her former foster father. She needed money and he had become her sugar daddy. The wife walked in on the two of them fucking and everything exploded from there. The chick was so hot and skanky that I can’t even really blame the guy. At least he waited until she was 18!

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There was a period of time where I would not hook up with a girl over 22. I liked that the 21-year-olds could legally drink and that I didn’t have to worry about getting into any trouble for supplying them with alcohol, but the teens were still my favorites.

I am at an age now though where I realize I need to stick with chicks no younger than mid to late twenties. I hate going out and being mistaken for my date’s father. I miss the teens though. They are still so fresh and far more inexperienced than they think they are. When I am the one who gets to introduce a pretty young babe to some new sexual thing, I love it.

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Whose Mouth Will You Fuck First?

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How many of you guys think about cum when you think about porn? Most guys think about everything leading up to that point but don’t put much thought into the actual act of cuming. Well, that’s my thing. The actual finale is what I’m watching the show for. Honestly when I’m watching porn I fast forward to the the end. I don’t care about all the grunting and fucking. I just want to see cocks exploding.

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Shut Your Cock Holster

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